Mini Roulette Reinvents the Way We Perceive the Wheel

How to play Mini Roulette

Here at we answer questions like, “Can you make a living playing roulette?” And if you want to know why the wheel looks the way it does, we know that, too.

But one thing that we particularly enjoy is reviewing real-money roulette games.

The topic of today’s article is slightly obscure yet contributing. The title in question is Mini Roulette from Playtech. This hipster roulette number is often neglected in online gambling.

So, if you’re one of those curious cats, here’s our Mini Roulette Playtech review.

What Is Mini Roulette?

Mini Roulette is essentially inspired by the classic 18th-century court game. However, instead of 37 slots, this title has 13 pockets or betting spaces. As such, its house edge slightly differs.

Playtech’s Mini Roulette has 13 slots – 1 through 12 plus a single zero. The Mini Roulette house edge is a whopping 7.69%. This casino advantage is even higher than American roulette (5.26%). Looking at this aspect of the casino game only, it’s not worth it. But there is more to this cute casino gem.

The impeccable user interface displays your betting history, as well as hot and cold numbers. If you’re a believer, you may try out the hot & cold strategy.

So, when is it player-friendly? Find out in the rest of this article.

Rules & Gameplay

First and foremost, this is a very easy game to learn. As a game of luck, it requires little preparation. Plus, if you’ve played standard roulette before, you’ll likely have no trouble with this one.

Mini Roulette from Playtech is an RNG online casino game suitable for smartphone users.

Mini Roulette Playtech Gameplay

The rules are simple – place on or more bets and tap the Spin button.

These bets are available:

  • Straight-up – 11:1
  • Split (betting on two numbers) – 5:1
  • Street (three numbers) – 3:1
  • Corner (four numbers) – 2:1
  • Column – 2:1
  • Half dozen – 1:1
  • Red, Black, Odd, Even – 1:1

The table limits are from $0.10 to $10,000 per spin. The minimum bet is $0.10, whilst you can bet only up to $100 on straight-ups.

What’s interesting about the mini Roulette layout is what it refers to as a column. In conventional games, a column consists of 12 bet spaces. However, in this version’s layout, you’ll see just 4 numbers per column. Each pays at 2 to 1.

Lastly, in Playtech’s Mini Roulette, zero always pays. In our opinion, this fact largely impacts the reputation this title has. While it may appear frightening, it, in fact, has features that balance out its flaws.

Nonetheless, if you’re just getting started, practice beginner-friendly roulette games online first. And then, let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

Is Mini Roulette Worth It?

The appeal of Mini Roulette lies in its simplicity. Unlike traditional variants, the miniature one gives players fewer choices. In turn, it requires less thinking and calculations. When one considers all that, they have a simple roulette game that’s all about snappy rounds.

Nonetheless, the the huge house advantage might put punters off. But while we do not recommend it to beginners, this can be great fun for seasoned gamblers.