What Is the Law of the Third Strategy?

Law of the Third Roulette System

By now, we’ve become experts in obscure roulette systems, having spent years exploring positive and negative progression systems in roulette. Today, we’re back with another one: the Law of the Third roulette system.

What is the Law of the Third? Can we use it as a betting system in roulette successfully? Read on to find out.

What Is the Law of the Third?

The Law of the Third states that over time, the roulette ball is more likely to drop on two-thirds of the wheel, leaving one-third almost intact.

In European Roulette, a wheel has 37 pockets – 36 numbers and one zero – and the ball is not likely to drop in every single pocket throughout 37 spins. It is, however, highly likely to drop in some spots more often, even repeating results during the 37 rounds. Some numbers may be drawn twice, thrice, or more – while one-third of the numbers will not appear at all. The goal of the system is to narrow down the selection to the third of the numbers that haven’t appeared and wager on them.

The Law of the Third system in roulette is an adapted form of statistical distribution, which means it’s not a perfect roulette betting system. The roulette system is adapted from the mathematical problem Coupon Collector’s Problem, a popular problem in probability theory.

How to Use Law of the Third in Roulette

How exactly does one gaming session using the Law of the Third roulette system work?

Let’s use a European Roulette wheel as an example.

The first thing you should do is watch the wheel. You need to spend a couple of rounds just observing the wheel to get a sense of the numbers that are drawn. If you can, write down the numbers that are drawn the most.

Bear in mind that you might have to participate in the round to be able to observe rounds. You cannot just sit there for free. If that is the case, we recommend playing with low-risk bets such as Red/Black and Even/Odd.

As you play and keep track of the numbers that appear on the wheel, try to note 9 numbers that haven’t appeared at all. Once you have those 9 distinct numbers, it’s game on.

The system works in three rounds, similar to Tier en Tout. You work with controlled conditions are less likely to lose money like with other roulette systems.

Wait for two spins to pass and then take all the 9 numbers and wager on them all for three consecutive rounds.

After three rounds, you should either end the session or reset and start again. We must note that the three consecutive round bets are all flat bets, meaning there is no need to increase or decrease the stake as you progress.

And this is important: every time you land a hit on a no-show number, remove it from the list of 9 numbers. That’s it!

Is Law of the Third Effective as a Roulette System?

At the core of this betting system lies the belief that the wheel has memory. That’s ludicrous. The wheel has no memory, and every round outcome is 100% unpredictable and separate from other rounds. Don’t slip into Gambler’s Fallacy, you guys!

However, we cannot deny that there have been instances in which ‘cold’ numbers hit after a long period of not hitting, and ‘hot’ numbers went cold.

In essence, the Law of the Third roulette system relies on hot/cold numbers. If you are not willing to do what it takes to see if you are lucky, then we suggest trying out another roulette betting system. However, if you find this interesting, then, by all means, give it a go at your favorite online roulette casino.

A good thing is that it’s cool to use in live roulette, as you can watch the rounds and track the wheel. In online roulette, that’s a bit tricky as you cannot just watch the game for a while until you get a sense of the numbers. However, live roulette is perfect as it allows you to observe as the wheel spins. If you have to participate in the round, use low bets on even-money wagers such as Red/Black and Even/Odd while observing.