How to Use the Tier et Tout Roulette Strategy

Tier et Tout Roulette Betting Strategy

Tier et Tout is a positive progression strategy. Although it’s not as popular or well-known as other positive roulette strategies, this betting system has a plethora of advantages for roulette players. It’s fun and entertaining to use, and it can really stack up the wins if you are on a winning streak. Moreover, if you encounter a losing streak, using Tier et Tout roulette strategy will help you protect the funds easier.

What Is the Tier et Tout Betting Strategy?

The legend says that the Tier et Tout betting system was invented by Thomas Garcia, a famous Spanish gambler who won thousands of Francs in the German Homburg Casino in the 19th century. His success has been the inspiration for other players to try and use this strategy for roulette decades later.

At its core, the system is exceptionally easy to understand. We suggest using it on even odd bets such as Red/Black and Even/Odd numbers, as it produces the best results with these bets.

The Tier et Tout roulette strategy lets you increase your bankroll rapidly with a steady flow of wins. It relies on winning streaks to a certain extent, like many other roulette systems. It mixes elements of the negative system Labouchere and the positive Reverse Fibonacci. In the next section, we’ll show you exactly how to use Tier et Tout roulette betting system for playing roulette online for real money.

How to Use Tier et Tout System

The first thing to remember about Tier et Tout is that the wagers are split in three equal parts. Before placing the first wager, you split the bet into three parts and then wager the first part. So, for instance, let’s say you have $6 that you plan to wager. For the first bet, you will wager $2 (as 2 is the 1/3 of 6). If you lose that wager, you will place another wager consisting of the remaining 2/3, or $4 in total. Every win gives you a new total that you then split into three parts and wager 1/3 in the next round.

Tier et Tout Example

  1. You wager 1/3, let’s say $2 on a round, and you lose.
  2. The next wager is 2/3, or in this case, $4.
  3. If you win, you now have $8. You can again take $6 as your betting sum and place 1/3 of it ($2). The remaining $2 should be set aside, as 8 divided by 3 does not produce a rounded bet.
  4. If you win, you will then have $10 in total, as you have $2 as the extra, $4 that were planned as the 2/3, and the $4 in winnings.
  5. You can bank $1 and choose $9 as your new betting sum. Divide it into three equal parts.
  6. Place a new wager of $3. If you lose, you wager $6. If you win, you have $16 in total. Round off the bet by setting aside the $1 and play with $15 in the next round.

This strategy relies on math quite a bit, but thankfully, it’s simple math. The division into three parts reminds us of the Hollandish betting system, of which we’ve talked extensively in our previous posts.

The whole point of using this strategy boils down to earning enough profits that you can use for wagering instead of your money. This protects your assets and gives you enough leeway to play and have fun with roulette without worrying about losses.


Is Tier et Tout betting system efficient? Is it good for playing roulette online? That depends on your preferences, but in general, yes, it’s a solid strategy.

The point lies in the protection of funds by winning enough to replace your money. When you win enough, you can use the winnings to wager, instead of your own money. Moreover, by dividing the sum into three thirds, it does not matter whether you win or lose in first and second round. You just need one win and that is it – you will recover your money and gain new profits with just one round.

If you like Tier et Tout roulette betting strategy, give it a go in the best roulette games online. If you want to check out other strategies, stop by our blog where we offer insight into various other roulette strategies and systems.