The Labouchere Roulette Strategy – How to Beat Roulette

Labouchere Cancellation Betting System

This week, is back with another Roulette strategy – Labouchere Roulette Strategy.

Let us remind ourselves – last time we spoke about the ancient d’Alembert system. Have you tried it out yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

Today, we have a new mountain to climb.

Another classic that every Roulette lover must know of is the Labouchere online Roulette strategy.

This is an advanced system fitting for seasoned players. Also known as the “Cancellation betting system”, this approach can get you some hefty wins in the short term.

With that in mind, let’s check out what the Labouchere betting system is all about.

How Does the Labouchere Betting System Work?

We at look at learning as a process. And in that progression, we believe in building on the existing knowledge.

Many a gambler has compared Labouchere vs. Martingale. And the fact is that the two systems have something in common.

Before going deeper, we recommend that you read our review of the martingale system first. To understand the topic of this article, it is of crucial importance that you’re familiar with its predecessor.

You can look at the Labouchere betting strategy like an improved version of the martingale. Bettors like to call it the Spit Martingale. In the following lines, you’ll see why.

Labouchere Roulette System Example

To properly grasp the Labouchere strategy in Roulette, grab a pen and a piece of paper. We’re going back to basics.

Then, take these three steps:

  1. Write down how much you’re able to invest. Do not go overboard and stay rational.
  2. Jot down the table betting limits. You’ll need this to determine your unit.
  3. Follow the three rules of Labouchere betting.

Let’s determine our betting value to be $10.

If you can invest $100, write down number 1 ten times next to each other. The number 1 (one) represents one unit. Make sure that the table limit allows your maximum wager sum. In this case, the minimum bet is $10.

Then simply follow this pattern:

  1. Bet the first and the last number. That equals 2 units.
  2. If you win, cross out the two numbers.
  3. If you lose, add another unit to the right equal to how many units you lost.

We think that it is clear why it’s also known as the cancellation betting system.

  • Your mission: to cross out all the numbers.
  • Result: doubling your initial stake. In this case, that totals $200.

The principle is easy-to-use. The goal is to cross off – or cancel – all the units in the row. A great thing about this method is that it takes the best bit from the martingale and tweaks it to the players’ benefit.

And that’s the Labouchere Roulette strategy in a nutshell. That’s all you need to know to profit from Roulette with this approach.

Verdict – Is It Worth It?

A piece of advice is to always have a go with these strategies for free before investing real money. With the Labouchere betting system, in particular, punters can easily load their bankrolls. However, they need to practise until making it perfect.

Casinos always have a built-in house edge that you cannot win over – theoretically or in practice. That’s just the rules of the game. And perhaps, that’s where the thrill originates from.

Having practised enough, and applying the above rules, you should be able to double your investment.

Let us know what you make of this sophisticated Roulette strategy.

And stick with us for more tutorials on how to win at Roulette!