How to Win at Roulette Online

Top 4 tips to Help you Win at Roulette Online

Being one of the most popular casino games out there, roulette is also a thoroughly analysed game which people have since its very beginnings attempted to understand and master for their own benefit. It has proven to be pretty elusive, however, which over time only enhanced Roulette’s reputation in global gaming circles.

If you have followed us closely, you will have already read our page explaining how to play roulette which is enough to give you a fairly good grasp of all things to consider before actually sitting by a table – or loading the screen for that matter.

Here and today we are going to dig slightly deeper into the whole playing roulette matter but from the aspect of winning. The following tips – or tricks – should give you a much better control of your roulette experience and lead you through several steps that are meant to teach you how to harness the roulette basics.

Find the Right Place

The very first advice – and the best one you can get – is to find the perfect place to play at. This advice applies to both playing land-based and online casinos. The problem with playing Roulette on the internet is the fact you can’t exactly see what hides behind the curtain – unlike the brick-and-mortar establishments where ever a scent can be enough to set you off.

When it comes to online casinos, however, the technological advancement and growing customer protection through legal frames being widely introduced into jurisdictions around the globe will give you a much clearer picture nowadays.

When looking for a play to play roulette online, you will be well advised to check the reputation and license first. Furthermore, make sure to look whether the casino publishes their payout and that their games are powered by a Random Number Generator (RNG) which ensures the games are fair.

Think Twice before you Jump!

Patience is a virtue and when it comes to Roulette it can be pretty rewarding. Bide your time – that’s one of the best advices you can get. Be like a cheetah and observe your prey. Let your competition spin the wheel a bit before you step in.

Look from a neutral angle and try to absorb the mechanics, the atmosphere and the tone. Get accustomed to the games on offer and try different variants before you decide which one you will play.

Even when you have narrowed the choice, the best thing you could do to boost your chances of winning further on is to play some games for free. Not only will this help you get accustomed to a certain casino, but it will also polish your skills and build your confidence.

Play European Roulette

Roulette comes in many shapes and forms. Options are plenty, especially if you choose to play live casino roulette. Still, before you get there – you should go slow and narrow your choices. Our suggestion is to start by playing European Roulette rather than American Roulette.

The reason is simple – the American version of the game has an extra field: double zero (00) which will decrease the odds of winning. Be advised that the house edge on European Roulette is on 2.63% while the American type has the house edge twice the value.

Manage your Money and Minimise the Losses

Money management is paramount with playing online and especially with Roulette. This is a rather exciting and addictive game which will lure you in before you know it. Therefore, it’s important to remain on top of your game and always be vigilant.

Players should wager only the amount of money they can afford and never go beyond their depth – both online and in land-based casinos. Always stick to a predetermined amount you are willing to spend in a casino and avoid going beyond it at any cost. Chasing your losses for the sake of that big win that usually never arrives will push you in a deep whole.

Be careful not to succumb to emotions and as soon as the fun stops so should you. And this here is the most important advice you can get.