Positive Betting Progression Strategies in Roulette

Positive Progressions in Roulette

Every roulette player ever wondered what’s the roulette strategy that works? While looking for the answers, experienced gamblers have come with positive and negative progressions.

The difference between positive progression systems and negative betting systems is clear.

With negative progressions, the punter looks to stay at the table for as long as possible. Additionally, a negative betting system supporter looks to return what they have lost and gain a small profit.

On the other hand, positive betting systems advocate controllably increasing the stake aiming for consistent wins. Here are the best positive betting progressions.

Best Positive Progressions in Roulette

  1. Paroli System
  2. Parlay Roulette System
  3. Positive Progressions Compared

What are Positive Betting Progressions?

The rules for placing positive progression bets in roulette are simple. Firstly, after each win, the player should increase his or her bet. In positive betting, you augment your stake by the initial unit you staked.

For example, if you bet $10 on roulette and you win, your next bet should be bigger by $10, which is $20. And so on.

The second rule of positive betting in roulette is that you bet less when you lose. So, your bet is either unaffected or decreased after a losing spin.

The simplicity of positive progression betting systems attracts beginners. They are easy to learn and apply, and sustainable to use long-term. If you’re a new roulette player looking for the most successful roulette strategy, consider a positive progression strategy.

What all positive progression systems have in common is the collective idea that players can leverage their profit once they hit a winning streak. That’s why you need to decrease your stake after a loss. Therefore, you bring your stake to a minimum as long as you’re on a losing streak. In turn, you’re not losing as much as you would without the decrease.

However, there are a couple of notable variants of positive progression betting systems. Let’s check them out below.

#1 Positive Progression: Paroli System

The Paroli system is ideal for players looking for long winning streaks. With Paroli, a loss doesn’t impact the player’s bankroll too harshly.

So, how does Paroli work in roulette?

We have an entire article about Paroli & roulette, but here it is in a nutshell.

As a positive betting system, Paroli tells you to increase the bet after guessing the outcome correctly. Similarly, according to the Paroli system in roulette, you ought to shrink the size of your bet after making a mistake.

When you increase your bet, do so by multiplying it by 2. So, if your initial wager is $10, after a correct guess, you should place $20. Should you encounter another sequential correct guess, your stake should total $40 according to Paroli betting.

An important difference between Paroli and other systems lies in the length of the sequence. Namely, after 3 consecutive wins, you should leave the table or return to the original bet ($10).

The Paroli system allows you to reduce your losses and gain better control over your bankroll.

Also, Paroli vs. Martingale is a popular comparison. Typically, high-rollers are keen on the latter negative progression roulette strategy. On the other hand, Paroli is perfect for low-stake players looking for humble yes sustainable wins.

You can read more about Martingale here, though.

#2 Positive Progression: Parlay Roulette System

Just like with the Paroli system, we’ve talked about Parlay in roulette, too. To learn more about this useful roulette strategy, read that article.

However, if you don’t have the time for that, here’s Parlay briefly explained.

The chief idea Parlay in roulette is based on is using what you won to win further. In other words, you look to wager as little as possible so as to win the casino’s money to play with.

The difference between the two positive progression systems we discuss in this article lies in the length of your winning streak. Namely, Paroli requires that you jump off after the third sequential win. On the other hand, Parlay lets you play as long as you can afford it.

However, what both Paroli and Parlay have in common is the option to leave the table after you have won a few times in a row.

Nevertheless, some casino enthusiasts claim that Paroli and Parlay are the same betting systems.

Every casino connoisseur knows about Parlay, as it’s also a popular system in games like blackjack.


So, does progressive betting work? We think it’s fair to say that it does. The idea behind positive betting is logical and makes perfect sense.

According to it, the punter focuses on minimising his or her bet when losing. That spares them the trouble of exhausting their bankroll, which often happens with negative betting systems.

Moreover, when you’re winning, you’re enhancing your current wager, resulting in also controlled wins.

At the end of the day, not even the most successful roulette strategy can guarantee a 100% win. Utilising a certain betting system does not affect the roulette wheel. All your betting strategy can do in roulette is keep your bankroll under control.