Paroli System for Roulette Will Change the Game for You Forever

Alright, these past few weeks of live roulette reviews must have made you miss roulette strategies.

And if you’ve been with us from the beginning, you’ll know betting systems are our expertise. We at firmly believe that a good tactic can take you far in a round of the Devil’s Game.

What’s Paroli?

We gave you a little head start by talking about the martingale for the little wheel. Why? The betting strategy is the perfect foundation for what we’ll be talking about in this article.

If you’ve played martingale, Paroli shouldn’t be too hard to grasp.

The Paroli casino roulette strategy has been used in casinos for over 100 years. So there must be something in the water.

It is a positive progression system. That means that you should double your bet after a win. With that in mind, you can deduce why gamblers sometimes compare it to reverse martingale.

If you’re a systematic player, the Paroli will likely work for you. It is a well-structured, neat tactic with patterns to follow.

When should you use Paroli?

The Paroli system is great for situations when you have even-money wagers. Why? It’s because in those circumstances, the odds of winning are almost 50:50.

  • The Paroli roulette system will work perfectly with the following types of bets:
  • Black/red
  • Even/odd
  • Low/high

How to Use the Paroli Strategy in Roulette

The history marks the first mention of Paroli in gambling in the book “Monte Carlo Anecdotes and Systems of Play” by Victor Bethell published in 1910.

The meaning behind the game’s name comes from Italian for parole, which stands for to give your word. In this form, the word was to be found in the card game of basset. When playing basset, the act of parlaying one’s bet was sometimes called “parole”.

That was a brief background of Paroli in gambling.

Let’s now clarify how Paroli works in roulette. The two main principles of this system are:

  1. Double up the stake after a win.
  2. Return to the initial stake when you lose.

This approach allows players to have more control over their bankroll. How? The Paroli hinders punters from overspending. As you always return to the initial bet after a loss, you are prevented from excessiveness.

In other words, you only risk your initial bet with Paroli.

Here is an example of what using Paroli in roulette looks like.

Let’s say that your original bet is $1. In the first round, you wager $1 and win. In turn, you’ll now have $2 as your profit was 1$. Remember, it’s even-money bets only.

You begin the second round by betting $2. Let’s say you win again – you end up with a $3 profit, aka $4 in total.

You will confident now and should bet what you have, which is double-up from your previous wager. Having bet $4 and winning, you’ll now have $8 in total.

Finally, you have to lose sometime. The casino always has the edge.

Ultimately, you’ll be the amount you have in hand, which, in this case, totals $8. In case you lose, you’ll lose $8, which, compared to your initial bet, gives only $1 to the casino.

Spinning the same amount of chips back and forth with Paroli did nothing but prevented you from spending too much. So, even if you lose, you end up with just a -$1.

Where to Use Paroli

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