Can You Make a Living Playing Roulette?

How to Become a Successful Roulette Player

Anyone can play roulette and win. But only those who succeed in winning consistently are considered professional roulette players.

Today’s question asks, “Can you become rich playing roulette?”

This isn’t a query to answer in a couple of sentences. So, here’s a comprehensive study about how to play roulette successfully.

Nail the Basics

The first step to success in roulette is learning the essentials and rules. Here are some beginners’ guides to consult if you’re new. If you’re not, keep reading this post.

Every professional roulette player knows the ropes to a T. You know when to play European or American roulette. What’s more, you’re aware that roulette is not only logic but also some luck.
Plus, to be able to perform well under pressure, you need to as thick as thieves with the game.

Therefore, make sure you know everything about roulette before playing it professionally.

Ask to Learn

Get comfortable with the fact you might ever learn the whole nine yards. But to get as close to that state as possible, feel free to ask the seasoned.

As with everything in life, experienced people are wealthy in wise stories which should be used in practice. The same goes for professional roulette players. The most successful of them learned from acclaimed experts.

Additionally, we would recommend free roulette as a way to exercise. The theory is of little use if you have nowhere to use it. So, choose the best roulette casinos with demo games.

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Investigate how successful roulette players got where they are. What betting systems did they use? After how many losses/wins should you stop? And then, test those systems and roulette strategies for real.

To make a living as a professional gambler, you also need to know to control your bet sizes. At what sum you start and at what pace you wager is crucial. Don’t just sit at the table and hope for the best. Unless you want to look silly that is

How Much Money Can You Make Playing Roulette?

A professional roulette player’s salary is around $100,000 per night. But not everyone who spins the wheel every night will come out a millionaire. This goes to show that only a selected few could call themselves experts at roulette.

By nature, roulette is volatile and its outcome fluctuates a lot. We’re talking about an unpredictable casino game infamous for its volatility. As such, it will eventually turn the odds in the house’s favour. A real roulette pro knows when to stop betting and to walk away.

While you might believe you’re already there, a dose of self-reflection helps you realise if what you fancy is really so. Namely, lots of people think they have it when they, in fact, cannot control how much they spend. Which takes us to our final point.

Stay Grounded

The most important thing about gambling is being realistic.

And the first step to achieving that is by managing your money. While seemingly insignificant, bankroll management is the number one trait of every professional roulette player.

Moreover, this translates to self-control and being sensible. If you keep losing, just walk away. Experts know that the ball may keep stopping on black to no end no matter how much they want it to be red.

Many will say that you can make a living solely on gambling, which is true. However, most fail to emphasise that this is rare and takes a lot of work to achieve. Just take a look at Ashley Revell. He’s put all he had on a straight-up bet. Would you afford to do such a thing? Are there more Ashley Revells out there? We didn’t think so.

So, to win at roulette, know the rules, be practical, and spend strategically. That’s how roulette champions are made.