Should I Play European Roulette or American Roulette?

American vs. European Roulette – What’s Better?

That is the question.

Luckily for you, we are here to answer it and our answer is simple.

Stick with us for the duration of this informative article and see what Roulette variant is better.

From the beginning, we from Roulette69 promised to give you the best advice regarding online Roulette. With this brief text, you’ll see that we’re keeping our promises really well.

Today we will share all the advantages and drawbacks of the two most popular Roulette variants. We present to you the ultimate battle – European Roulette vs. American Roulette.

European Roulette Pros & Cons

Once upon a time, we tackled the matter of must-know facts about Roulette. In that piece, we mentioned that the house edge is the pivotal element in any casino game. This is exactly the prime con European Roulette has over American Roulette.

Namely, as European Roulette has 37 pockets for the ball to land in, the chance of you winning is bigger. How so? Well, the smaller the Roulette wheel, the smaller the house edge.

Remember the Triple Zero Roulette? That Roulette variation has not one, but two more pockets than the European version. As a result, the house edge is thrice as bigger! Anyway, let’s go back to the European Roulette house advantage.

Here is how you calculate the house edge in European Roulette:

  1. Place a straight-up bet.
  2. The chances of winning with a single number are 1 to 37 (1/37).
  3. The odds of losing are 36/37.
  4. The casino (house) pays 35 to 1 for straight-up bets.
  5. The formula goes: -1 x 36/37 + 35 x 1/37 = 0.0270 x 100 = 2.70%.

So, the formula to determine the house edge in European Roulette is:

-1 x 36/37 + 35 x 1/37 = 0.0270 x 100 = 2.70%.

And that is the first advantage European Roulette has over American. For some, that’s more than enough. The rest of you, keep reading.

Once more crucial aspect makes European Roulette more favourable than the American sort. Namely, if you take advantage of the “En prison”, in European Roulette you can lower down the house edge to 1.35%. And let us tell you, that’s pretty low for a Roulette.

For more French vocab in Roulette, refer to this article.

American Roulette Pros & Cons

The house advantage is the first con American Roulette has. Compared to the above-described Roulette option, American Roulette house edge hits as high as 5.26%. As such, it draws players with thin wallets away.

Nevertheless, don’t be too quick to judge.

That very characteristic makes American Roulette what it is – infinitely fun.

The additional double zero pocket (00) adds on the overall excitement of the game. The bigger the wheel – you remember – the bigger the thrill.

On the flip side, not too many players can afford to invest in such a risky game. The chances of losing are significantly increased in American Roulette.

High-rollers are typically those you can find at American tables, online and in-person.

What can we tell you, Roulette can be an expensive hobby.

Back to American Roulette’s pros.

If you still decide to play American Roulette, you should know Roulette strategies like the back of your hand. It takes a real Roulette master to take the reins that are usually in the hands of American Roulette.

So, go back to our Roulette tactics book and go through them before you place a bet.

Some of the most prominent Roulette strategies include:

Stick with for even more Roulette tutorials to come.

Face to Face

Having said all that, it is time to draw the line. Which Roulette variant is the best?

The answer is simple – which one complements your bankroll and playing style?

So, when you answer that question, you’ll get the reply to the initial one.

Roulette is both a game of skills and of chance. That means that employing an appropriate strategy can result in a win. However, that win is not guaranteed. Lady Luck has to be by your side whichever Roulette variant you pick.

Good luck!