Roulette Red & Black Strategy Explained

Every game is about having fun, but who doesn’t like winning? Especially if big money is at stake. Playing Real Money Roulette is a brave and strategic move that requires a fair amount of pre-thinking as well as a well-developed system. One of them is certainly the infamous Red & Black Strategy that every Roulette player needs to have in his or her dictionary.

Before delving deeper, we recommend that you should try this one and every other gambling method in Free Roulette play mode before investing your hard-earned money without a second thought. Although this scheme is often used by low roller gamblers and brought them notable winnings, please gamble responsibly and do not get ahead of yourself.

How Roulette Red & Black Strategy Works

This technique is quite self-explanatory; your only task is to select a number located on a red or a black pocket. The method is indeed flawed, and we will get into that in a second, but let us first tell you how you can use it to your advantage.

Imagine yourself at a Roulette table. It can be online or at a land-based casino, it makes no difference. The modus operandi can be implemented in either of the two cases. Now pick either red or black and place a bet of €5 on a pocket tinted that colour. Watch as the game unfolds, and if you lose twice in a row, raise your bet to €10. Now you are aiming for getting the same outcome two times after another, but this time it can be a win or a loss. Lest you win twice, go back to the bet of €5, and if you lose twice, boost the bet to €15.

Depending on your bankroll, you can start off lower than €5 and create your own style of progression based on the same principle.

Choose Your Roulette Variant Wisely

Roulette Red & Black is a double-edged sword; let us explain why. The efficiency of applying this approach in your gambling largely depends on the Roulette variant you are going with. It has been statistically proven – and quite honestly speaking, it is logical – that the traditional European variation to the game allows you more chance of winning utilising this strategy. On the other hand, if American Roulette is your one and only, your odds drop significantly lest you want the Red & Black to be your go-to strategy.

Namely, the latter variant possesses an extra pocket, the double zero, which decreases your likelihood of winning. When employing the style of gaming mentioned above in European (or, French) Roulette, the probability of either red or black winning goes as high as 47.4%. With an additional place for the ball to rest in, the likelihood declines proportionally.

Hold Your Horses

This seemingly 100% effective method seems to work for a great number of players. Nevertheless, we could never be careful enough. There is a well-known concept titled gambler’s fallacy, which could potentially stray you away from rational thinking. Synonymous with Monte Carlo fallacy, the mistaken belief could be exemplified with the following instance: if the ball lands on red five times in a row, it simply has to land on black the sixth time. Wrong. Absolutely and disastrously wrong.

To wrap it all up, it was our duty to inform you on what hazards might be behind the corner if you turn your head for a second. Have fun and enjoy your gambling, play smart, but steer away from trouble.