Best Roulette Games for Beginners – What Should Newbies Play?

Best Roulette Games for Beginners

As we discussed in our definitive guide for beginners in roulette, newbies need exclusive advice. The way novices play may be different from professional and seasoned punters.

The best roulette strategy for beginners starts with a wise game choice.

To help you avoid any potential mistakes and make the best of your play, we’ve selected the best roulette games for beginners.

1. Roulette – Microgaming & Switch Studios

Roulette Microgaming & Switch Studios

The first Devil’s Game we recommend to beginners is a classic. You can’t go wrong with classics, especially in online casinos.

Many new players are swooned by flashy, attractive features of new live games. And while those are rewarding and lavish, they can be tricky. To play advanced casino gamed well, you need to master the basics first.

Everyone was a beginner once.

Roulette from Switch Studios launched in 2019 across Microgaming’s glorious network of casinos. It offers a standard RTP of 97.30%, which works great for novices. As this is a classic game of the little wheel, there are no crazy side bets to confuse you.

Microgaming Roulette is the perfect place to start if this is your first time playing the game.

Amateurs are furthermore advised to place even-money bets and those with 1:1 and 2:1 odds. These payouts will give you a taste of what this casino game is about.

Aesthetically, this Switch casino game is glorious. While it lauds that traditional casino vibe, it features glossy effects and looks very realistic.

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2. Auto Roulette – Pragmatic Play

Auto Roulette Pragmatic Play

If you follow our blog, you’ll know that we’ve spoken about this one in detail. Pragmatic Play shows off a unique variant perfect for amateurs. Auto Roulette is its name, and it’s as straightforward as they come.

To play Auto Roulette as a beginner, you need to place a bet and watch it roll. Select your wager and observe the RNG work its magic. Oh, did we mention that this was actually a live casino game? Well yeah, Pragmatic Play excluded a physical dealer and let the RNG software control the wheel. The results are always 100% genuine and random.

You have 15 seconds between rounds to place your bet. The betting range goes from $0.10 to $5,000, making the game affordable and adaptable.

We’re talking about a European variant. Therefore, 37 pockets are at your disposal, 1 through 36, plus a single-zero pocket in green. The green pocket prevents the odds from being 50%, even for red/black. The exact odds for betting on red or black stand at 46.37%.

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3. Spin & Win – Playtech

Spin & Win Roulette Playtech

We’re wrapping up with a live dealer game. Spin & Win Roulette from Playtech came out in 2020, offering myriad betting options to its players.

It’s a common misconception that beginner players should not play live casino games. Spin & Win is a living proof to contradict this understatement.

Get familiar with the best bets in this roulette game:

  • Low/High – 1-18 & 19-36
  • Even/Odd – betting on either all even or all odd numbers
  • Red/Black – betting on either red or black pockets

From the visual standpoint, Spin & Win is all about twirls and spins. The studio has been stunningly decorated and the dealers are friendly. If you’re wondering what live casino game to play first, this is it.

Playtech made this devil’s title easy to understand and master. All you need is a suitable strategy. Since you’re a beginner, Roulette69 recommends trying out Romanosky, for instance.

The Romanoski offers an 86% chance of winning in any given round. Here is the Romanosky roulette strategy explained. It’s relatively simple to grasp, so we suggest giving it a try.

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Best Roulette Rules for Beginners

Let’s finalise with our top tips for roulette beginners:

  1. Play at low-stake tables.
  2. Set your betting limits in advance.
  3. Use good beginner strategies, such as Oscar’s Grind.
  4. Avoid martingale and other progressive systems.
  5. Leave the table if you hit a losing streak.

The team hopes you’ve found what you came for. If you have questions, drop them down in the comment section.