Chase Small Wins in Roulette with Player-Friendly Oscar’s Grind Strategy

Oscars Grind Strategy Roulette

Oscar’s Grind is a low-risk strategy fitting for garnering small wins. Both beginners and seasoned gamblers can use it. This roulette system will work well with low-rollers.

Oscar’s Grind is a positive progression, meaning you increase your stake after a win.

Here is how to use Oscar’s Grind in online and live roulette.


The Oscar’s Grind betting system first appeared in written form in Allan Wilson’s 1965 book, The Casino Gambler’s Guide. It has since been also known as Hoyle’s Press or Pluscoup Progression in France and Germany.

The goal when using Oscar’s Grind amounts to taking advantage of streaks.

The principle behind this tactic is simple – wins and losses in roulette come in unpredictable streaks. And while one cannot predict the outcome, they can capitalize on these periods of winning and losing.

When a series of losses take place, the player decreases their bets. Similarly, when on a winning streak, the player raises the stake.

It’s also worth noting that this system is primarily linked with, but not limited to, even-money bets. Nevertheless, you can use the method with non-even bets such as Streets. In that case, though, you need to keep track of your bet sizes even more carefully.

How to Use Oscar’s Grind

Firstly, determine the value of your unit. As the tactic progresses, you will be adding the same value when the time comes.

Here is how to use Oscar’s Grind in roulette online step-by-step.

  1. Start by betting 1 unit. If you win, you will be in profit.
  2. Then, start a new string by placing 1 unit. Should you lose, keep betting the same amount, maintaining low losses.
  3. Keep betting the same amount until you win.
  4. When you win, raise the bet.
  5. At this point, if you win again, you will still not be in profit, so keep raising the stake by one unit.
  6. If you win again, the string will turn profitable.

And that’s how a string ends and comes full circle.

You can keep using this approach until you’re content with your profit or you run out of money.


Here is the Oscar’s Grind algorithm:

Oscars Grind Algorithm

Comparison with Other Roulette Strategies

In essence, Oscar’s Grind has similarities with Martingale and Labouchere. All three systems are fundamentally based on a hypothesis of having infinite time and money. This premise is both their advantage and setback.

Ideally, applying either of these strategies to no end would theoretically result in a profit. However, it is hard to find a player who has an unlimited bankroll and years to sit by a table non-stop.

Plus, casinos have table limits, which restrict punters from going for any positive progression limitlessly.

Finally, streaks in roulette are unreliable as well, so neither of the tactics is mathematically proven. In that light, Oscar’s Grind does not guarantee winning long-term.

Always gamble responsibly, do not chase losses, set your limits in advance, and stay within them. Games of chance are never a good battlefield for winning in the long run.


The only downside we spot in this positive progression is that shaky belief in periods. As roulette is a random game of luck, relying on anything is a cul-de-sac.

Other than that, Oscar’s Grind is a practical betting system to follow if you want consistent yet humble winnings.

Another benefit lies in its applicability. Both experienced bettors and newbies should have no difficulty with Hoyle’s Press. Generally, Oscar’s Grind is a one-size-fits-all regarding online roulette.