How Masse Égale Betting System Works

Masse Égale in roulette is a rule-free betting system for inside bets, unlike progressive strategies. French for “equal mass”, Masse Égale is arguably the simplest roulette system. In fact, it ….

Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette – What’s the Appeal?

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is RNG roulette rigged

Can You Beat RNG Roulette?

The question, “can RNG roulette be beaten” has been around for as long as the game itself. Here at, we discuss the matter of fairness quite often. However, in ….

Why Is Roulette So Popular

Why Is Roulette Such a Popular Game?

To our readers, it might seem like we’re beating around the bush since we’ve been avoiding the big question. Why is roulette such a popular game? In this blog post, ….

Base Two Roulette Strategy

Base Two Roulette Strategy in a Nutshell

Here at, we love discussing betting systems and strategies. Today on our plate we have the so-called base two strategy. This somewhat strange roulette system is not as popular ….