Can You Beat RNG Roulette?

is RNG roulette rigged

The question, “can RNG roulette be beaten” has been around for as long as the game itself. Here at, we discuss the matter of fairness quite often. However, in this article, we go in-depth about RNG roulette patterns and rigged roulette.

To answer what number hits the most in roulette, we need to understand the concept of randomness. Let’s dig in.

What Is Randomness – Really?

According to Wikipedia, random number generation serves to produce results that cannot be “reasonably predicted better than by a random chance.”

So, the concept of randomness is all about being unable to predict the outcome. In turn, that puts every RNG roulette predictor in an unfavorable position. The essence of RNG processes in gambling renders RNG roulette prediction impossible.

Winning and losing streaks in roulette are entirely unpredictable. Everyone knows that there can be an almost infinite row of reds before black hits. The hot & cold number boards simply track the occurrences without impacting the outcome in any way.

RNG in roulette is there to ensure randomized sequences no matter the previous round. But for some reason, players are often keen on hot numbers.

Now off to the main question, “is RNG roulette rigged?”

What is Roulette RNG?

In single-number or European roulette, the odds of winning a single number (straight-up bet) are one in 36. Straight-ups, including zeroes, are, therefore, the least likely to occur out of all roulette bet types.

But considering the concept of randomness, any number is equally lucky to land in any round. In translation, one round does not influence the outcome of upcoming ones.

Leading casino software developers decided a long time ago to implement RNG software in their games. By doing so, they could guarantee to both operators and players that the game relies on chance only. As such, these games were 100% fair.

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The dealer could not predetermine the ball’s position, and the players would rely on luck to win. And this is the essence of roulette after all.

So, if you ask, “is RNG roulette rigged?” the answer is yes and no. Some roulettes are indeed rigged as there are rogue casinos out there. That’s why you should always double-check who you’re registering with.

On the other hand, legit roulette casinos offer reliable software that takes care you don’t lose your money. RNG cannot be beaten at these gambling venues because it would defeat the purpose of randomness.

RNG & Roulette Examples

The games we review in our blog are all 100% fair. Our team recommends only numbers by fair game providers, such as Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and Authentic Gaming. Browse their prolific portfolios to find the most suitable RNG roulette that’s to your taste.

Live vs. RNG Roulette

Historically, live dealer games were invented to replicate the land-based casino atmosphere. As numerous traditional casinos adopt manual control over the wheel, the dealer spun the wheel.

With that in mind, advantage players have come up with roulette strategies like Kesselgucken. This particular German system is based on observing the wheel. By doing so and spotting RNG roulette patterns, gamblers could roughly guess where the ball would land. Section-guessing such as neighbor bets significantly facilitated guessing correctly.

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However, nowadays, more and more live casino games implement RNG software in the gameplay. By integrating random number generation, developers ensure 100% fair and genuine results. One great example includes RNG First Person Roulette by Evolution. The RNG-powered rendition of Evolution’s Live Roulette runs fully on randomness, catering thereby to lovers of video roulette.

Is Live Roulette Better Than Video Roulette?

When all has been said and done, it all comes down to personal preference.

What you can do as a player is to choose reliable casinos such as Mr Green or Casino Max. These operators are provably fair and pay their clients timely. Most importantly, their roulette games run on truly random software, which all players want.

The bottom line, know who you’re playing with and what provider’s titles you’re choosing. Rely on your best betting strategy and gamble responsibly.