Kesselgucken Roulette Strategy – Germans Do It Better

Kesselgucken Roulette Strategy & Tips

Usually here at, we talk about how to minimize your losses in roulette. Many betting systems can help players with that goal. Like last week’s Paroli method.

If you haven’t read that one, make sure to check it out.

Anyway, this week, we’re taking a break from calculating.

Instead, we’re attempting to beat roulette by playing on its flaws.

Casinos are smart businesses and they know what they’re doing. But even they can overlook a defect now and again.

And as nothing’s perfect, one German figured out a way to use this fault to his advantage.

His name is Christian “The Saxon” Kaisan and this is a story about the Kesselgucken roulette strategy, which he came up with.

Kesselgucken Explained

The Kesselgucken system stems from explorations by Christian “The Saxon” Kaisan from several decades ago.

Kaisan was born in Leipzig, Germany and has been a roulette enthusiast for over 35 years. He’s made a name for himself within and outside Germany. The man used to work at roulette tables until he figured out a way to beat them.

Christian Kaisan is a millionaire who made all of his money on roulette tables.

He named the system after German words for “observing the wheel”. And that’s exactly how he’s made his millions. By observing the roulette wheel.

Luckily, the Saxony-based roulette player isn’t the selfish type. On the contrary, Kaisan has always been open and straightforward about his strategy.

Pros – How Players Can Take the Wheel

According to Kaisan, here are the things to look out for in Kesselgucken:

  • Patterns
  • Irregularities
  • Bias
  • Hot & Cold Numbers

The German roulette devotee highlights that no matter how professional, most wheels have weaknesses.

Regardless of how skilfully manufactured and positioned, roulette wheels can have faults.

For example, after being used for a long time, the wheel can become worn-out and have tears. This will become noticeable if you regularly play at the same casino. What’s more, the wheel can have chips or dents that could disrupt unbiased movement.

Finally, look for dominant diamonds, which are the metal “obstacles” between pockets on the wheel. Their condition could affect the momentum of the ball. By watching a few rounds, you’ll mark if they slow down the ball or make it bounce more. Accordingly, you can alter your decision.

Surely, at some point, the casino pit boss will notice this shortcoming and urge the authorities to fix it.

But you can take the time before the change happens and use it to your advantage.

Predicting with Kesselgucken Strategy

First things first, your bet size is irrelevant in this approach. You can bet the minimum bet or the table limit as far as Kesselgucken is concerned.

What matters is that you carefully follow the behavior of the wheel.

In an interview, The Saxon explained his method. He bets not on one but 9 numbers. Having centred his predictions on a single number, Kaisan will wager on that number and then 4 of its neighbors to the left and right.

In land-based casinos, he’ll exchange his real money to chips and find a table that looks player-friendly. In other words, he’ll look for one with patterns and potential irregularities.

Then, he’ll watch at least five rounds before placing a bet.

Kaisan’s favorite bet type is betting on hot numbers. He observes the stats board available at every table and typically ends up betting on a hot number.

The overarching goal is to drive the advantage to the player’s favor. With Kesselgucken, players can achieve an advantage of 2% up to 10%. If they keep applying this approach with a 50% success rate, they could boost their winning chances long-term.

Does Kesselgucken Work for Online Casinos?

Kesselgucken is an entirely physical approach to roulette. As such, it will not work with RNG tables. Randomly generated wheels are not susceptible to prediction-based systems.

Furthermore, it won’t work with many fast-paced games like Speed Roulette or Instant Roulette. Ezugi’s Jackpot Roulette is even quicker with only 15 seconds to decide.

No matter how closely you observe the wheel, you won’t have enough time to make the right decision.

However, Kesselgucken might be just the tactic if you’re a live casino goer. If you’re not, this seems like the perfect time to explore live casinos for roulette. Granted, it won’t work in all venues, but it would in some.


Most things roulette come from France. Nevertheless, it seems that Germans have something to offer as well.

Kesselgucken is a relatively novel approach and it’s praised for its simplicity. Players have used it for decades without putting a label on it. Then Kaisan came and changed the Devil’s Game in Germany for good.

Seasoned gamblers tend to be better at “observing” than novices. So, we’d recommend garnering some experience before tackling with the Saxon system.

Either way, it’s a fun road to take on the roulette highway. Kesselgucken is legal and reliable for as long as you’re holding the reins.