How Masse Égale Betting System Works

Masse Égale roulette system

Masse Égale in roulette is a rule-free betting system for inside bets, unlike progressive strategies.

French for “equal mass”, Masse Égale is arguably the simplest roulette system. In fact, it is so simple that some players even disregard it as a strategy whatsoever.

In today’s article, we’ll tell you how to use Masse Égale in roulette, and how to capitalize through it.

What Is Masse Égale?

Masse Égale is a French gambling term that translates to “equal amounts”, which is its principal philosophy. In the simplest possible way, this strategy dictates that you bet the same small bet round and round again.

Also, when using Masse Égale, you must keep the same bet size throughout your entire gaming session.

In this sense, it is completely different from negative progressions. To exemplify, in Martingale, players must increase their bet after a loss. After sufficient rounds, the player comes to a nice profit.

In contrast, the Masse Égale roulette system simply tells you not to ever change your bet. The only decision you actively make when using this strategy is when you walk away from the table. It is recommended to do so as soon as your profit is at least 10x higher than your stake in the first round.

The next thing you should always remember about the Masse Égale betting system is that it concerns inside bets only.

Inside bets in roulette are:

  • Straight-up
  • Split
  • Street
  • Corner
  • Basket
  • Line

You can read about inside bets in more detail here.

What matters, though, is that inside bets pay significantly more than outside bets, and are so-called all-or-nothing bet types.

Masse Égale Betting System Example

Here’s an illustration of using the Masse Égale roulette system in practice:


Total Staked



1 $1 LOSE $0
2 $1 LOSE $0
3 $1 LOSE $0
4 $1 LOSE $0
5 $1 LOSE $0
6 $1 LOSE $0
7 $1 LOSE $0
8 $1 LOSE $0
9 $1 LOSE $0
10 $1 WIN $36
Total staked: $10 Total return: $36


Let’s recap what’s going on in the table.

First off, after placing an inside bet, a win is always a positive outcome. However, the Masse Égale betting system benefits from losses, too.

In the example above, the player loses 9 times in a row, which is not uncommon. In each round, he or she staked just $1, no matter the outcome of the round. Ultimately, in the tenth session, the player’s bet wins.

In our specific instance, the bet is obviously a single number (straight-up), giving the player a 36:1 return. As a result, the player wins $36, which is $26 more than they originally staked.

Does Masse Égale Roulette System Work?

Just like any profitable roulette strategy, Masse Égale, too, comes with a couple of flaws.

Its main drawback concerns its simplicity. Whilst using easy roulette strategies might seem like a good thing, simplicity often drives addiction.

In turn, inexperienced players may inadvertently go overboard after endless losing streaks.

Moreover, flat betting monotonously results in boredom as not much can happen for a long time. So, this system requires patience and nerves of steel. Speaking of, the longer you stay at the table, the larger the chances of winning. Namely, if you lose 75 spins in a row, losing odds go down to just 13%.

In that light, keeping your bet as small as possible is crucial with flat betting. Expect to sit at the virtual table for quite some time before profiting from this simple roulette system.

After all, there is a reason why the most famous strategies like Martingale offer fluctuating bets between rounds. This helps raise the dynamic, as well as the eventual return you’ll get by the end of the session.

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Does Masse Égale Pay off?

Because it is so simple, Masse Égale might be a tempting roulette strategy for beginners specifically. The lack of intricate betting patterns makes it easy for anyone to use Masse Égale. That said, this sole fact makes this roulette system dangerous and risky.

At the end of the day, roulette is a game of pure chance, and Masse Égale is the closest that betting systems come to carelessness. Deprived of any rules, this strategy can stripe players off discipline, so money management in casinos is pivotal.

Having displayed how the Masse Égale system works and its pros and cons, we’d deduce that generally, this system is not the best, nor the safest, way to win roulette.