How to Play First Person American Roulette by Evolution

First Person American Roulette

Here at, we focus on winning strategies. Just take a look at our last week’s blog post about money management and roulette.

But from time to time, we like to spice things up with a good old roulette review. This week’s specialty is Evolution’s latest First Person game – American Roulette.

Read our detailed review of First Person American Roulette to learn how to play. Let’s go!

What Is First Person American Roulette?

First Person American Roulette is a 2021 RNG-powered online roulette casino game by Evolution. Previously called Evolution Gaming, the company used to build live dealer games only. As of 2020, the brand started incorporating standard virtual titles its their lobby. That is how the First Person series came to be.

American Roulette First Person is a game with simple rules and is familiar to all US players. The wheel and table consist of 36 numbered slots plus a single-zero, and a double-zero slot. As such, this Evolution roulette game has a total of 38 pockets for the ball to fall in.

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The game is played with one ball, and the RNG system generates random outcomes. When the betting time is over, the bets are closed, and the wheel starts spinning. The ball spins in the opposite direction for a few seconds before landing.

When the ball lands in one out of the 38 pockets, the interface displays the winning number and color.

First Person American Roulette is no different from any American Roulette you might have played. However, as we’re talking about Evolution, the visuals might single the title out among the competition.

The game takes place in a virtual 3D studio with luxurious details throughout. By clicking the GO LIVE button, players access the live lounge and start playing Live American Roulette.

The optimal RTP in First Person American Roulette is 94.74%. Scroll down for more details about this superior online roulette game.

How to Play First Person American Roulette?

To play, you don’t need much skill, but you do need some knowledge.

First of all, the overall payback percentage is 94.74%, making the house edge 5.26%. The game boasts two zero slots, thereby decreasing the player advantage. Nonetheless, some players argue that the higher casino advantage enhances anticipation and draws them in.

First of all, determine your coin size. The betting range in First Person American Roulette goes from $1 to $5,000 per spin. The biggest coin size is $1,000.

When the betting time is over, punters can no longer place any bets.

Random Number Generation software controls the spinning, so the results are genuine. Evolution roulette is not rigged, and this is important to remember.

After getting the results, players are free to rebet the previous amount. By clicking the ‘REBET & SPIN’ button, you keep your default bet and automatically wager it in the next round.

Last but not least, Evolution allows a smooth transition to the live dealer variant of the game. In the lower right-hand corner, the ‘GO LIVE’ button is available during betting times. Once you click the button, the UI will take you to a live dealer operating at the moment. Live American Roulette is open 24/7 for all casino players.

Payouts & Odds

As a US version of the French wheel game, FPAR offers all the famous American roulette bets.

Check out the table below for full payout info:

Bet Type



Straight-up, 0, 00 35:1 2.60%
Row (0 and 00) 17:1 5.30%
Split 17:1 5.30%
Street 11:1 7.90%
Corner 8:1 10.50%
Basket (00, 00, 1, 2, 3) 6:1 13.20%
Six Line 5:1 15.80%
Column 2:1 31.60%
Dozen 2:1 31.60%
Odd / Even 1:1 47.40%
Red / Black 1:1 47.40%
Low / High 1:1 47.40%

So, the safest bet in First Person American Roulette is any covering 12 numbers. These pay less but offer huge odds, which might work for risk-averse players.

Yes, this variant can be a risky game, but according to many, that’s the whole point. The game we’re talking about is one of chance, meaning it’s up to destiny if you win or not.

No matter what anyone says, roulette is a game of luck. So, don’t be misled to believe that skills affect the outcome. Additionally, this is an RNG-powered casino game, leaving no room for scams.


All in all, First Person American Roulette is a great game for both beginners and high-rollers. It has an extensive betting scope and simple rules; so, it’s easy to play. The only trick about it is the double-zero but that’s the charm of American Roulette after all.

So, to play this Evolution table game and win, mind your bankroll, follow a betting system such as Paroli, and take it slowly.

Lastly, the best thing about it is that you can always travel to the live dealer lobby and play it in live casino form.

We hope you enjoyed our brief yet comprehensive review of First Person American Roulette. Stay tuned for more similar articles here on!