What Is the 64% Roulette Strategy?

64% Roulette Strategy

Our team at Roulette69 loves covering the online casino industry in detail. Our approach is deductive – we start with the famous roulette strategy bunch and narrow it down to obscure systems. Therefore, players can find both mainstream and hipster roulette strategy tips on our website. Today, we’re dealing with a brand-new system called the 64% roulette strategy. In short, this betting tactic features low stakes and a positive profit, so it might be worth a try. Learn more about the 64% roulette strategy today.

What Bets Does 64% Strategy Cover?

The 64% system is best used as a European roulette strategy. In other words, players should choose a European roulette wheel to play on for real money.

First off, this system is pretty easy to use & straightforward. Hence, it is a beginner-friendly tactic for maintaining your profit in casinos.

Sometimes referred to as the “Mini Martingale”, the 64 percent strategy works like this. The player bets on two out of the three dozens on the wheel. Your stakes on each number must be identical. In our example, later on, we’ll start with the minimum stake of $2.

So, why the name? Well, once you bet on two dozens on the wheel, you’ll cover exactly 64% of the table.

If you choose to leave the third dozen uncovered, you’ll only lose if a number from 25-36 hits. Also, that single-zero slot messes up the perfection of this roulette system. So, with the 64% system, you avoid 13 numbers in total.

Regarding the roulette payouts with 64 percent, you get paid 2:1. In turn, if one of your numbers lands, you win $3. If you lose, you’ll be in a minus 2 deficit.

The idea behind this European roulette strategy is to try martingale-like gameplay with two 12-number bets. Read on for the preferred 64% roulette strategy progression, which you can also play around with.

The 64% Roulette Strategy Example

If you don’t feel like testing the waters, we’ve done it for you. Take a look:

Spin No. Bet Cover Outcome Win
1 $2 $1 on 1st 12; $1 on 2nd 12 Win $3
2 $2 $1 on 1st 12; $1 on 2nd 12 Lose -$2
3 $9 $3 on 1st 12; $3 on 2nd 12 Lose -$10
4 $18 $9 on 1st 12; $9 on 2nd 12 Lose -$28
5 $54 $27 on 1st 12; $27 on 2nd 12 Win $54
6 $2 $1 on 1st 12; $1 on 2nd 12 Win $3
7 $2 $1 on 1st 12; $1 on 2nd 12 Win $3


You’ll notice how the fluctuations of win amounts correspond to increasing and decreasing your stake. To illustrate the 64% roulette strategy, you should increase your bet after losing. The hope behind this system is that once you win, you’ll recover all your previous losses. In this sense, the 64% roulette strategy is similar to Martingale.

However, in the 64% strategy, players increase their stake in a different progression, notably: 1-1, 3-3, 9-9, 27-27…

Of course, it’s possible to hit a losing streak. If that occurs, it’ll take you more time to get back to zero, but that’s a risk you need to take with the Devil’s Game. In the best-case scenario, you won’t loser more than 4 consecutive times. Lest this ideal situation happens, you’ll have your profit with the 64% strategy in no time.

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