Can I Use the 666 Strategy for Roulette?

666 Roulette Betting Strategy

In games of chance, utilizing a fitting betting system is crucial for successful gameplay. That’s why your friends here at regularly share pro tips and tricks. Tell us what you think about the previously reviewed Masse Égale betting system. Has it worked for your bankroll?

666 in roulette refers to an aggressive, expert-friendly betting strategy with low risk and stable profits. In today’s blog post, we’ll tell you how to apply the 666 system while playing roulette online.

How the 666 Roulette System Works

666 is surely a resonant name, so we’ll make sure it’s easy to understand and use.

What’s up with the demon number? Well, in our interesting facts about roulette, you’ll learn that another name for roulette is the Devil’s Game. It’s an irresistibly unpredictable dance with the fallen angel himself.

By nature, roulette indeed can be unstable; that’s its charm, after all. Its changeable essence and high volatility draw millions of players to the table every minute of the day.

So, how can we use the Devil to our advantage? By applying the 666 roulette strategy.

With the 666 betting system, you cover almost all the numbers on the table. The only number the 666 strategy excludes is 4. See how the stats work in favor of this logic.

666 Strategy Step-by-Step

  1. Play European roulette for optimal results with the 666 strategy.
  2. Set your default stake to $1.
  3. Set aside $36 numbers for bets on red or black. Payout: 1:1.
  4. Place 12 split bets worth $4. Payout: 17:1.
  5. Place 7 straight-up bets worth $2 on any number except for 4.

Your total stake per round with the 666 strategy is $66. If you follow the system correctly, you can win your money back. In the best-case scenario, you won’t be losing much anyway.

Now, take a look at what a round of the 666 system may look like in a real-life setting:

Round No. Total Staked Result WIN / LOSE Return
1 $66 27 WIN $72
2 $66 36 WIN $72
3 $66 1 WIN $72
4 $66 6 LOSE $0
5 $66 4 LOSE $0
6 $66 22 WIN $72
7 $66 16 WIN $72
8 $66 15 LOSE $0
9 $66 2 WIN $72
10 $66 9 WIN $72
Total: $660 Total: $504


The trick to win roulette is to place these bets: 1x red, 6x splits, 3x straight-ups.

These pay 1:1, 17:1, and 35:1, respectively. As a result, players can easily return their money in just a couple of rounds.

666 Roulette – Pros & Cons

The trick with the 666 strategy is to use the perfect combo of even-money and high-risk bets.

All the numbers in roulette add up to 666, which is why this betting system is so popular.

An important edge the devilish strategy has over, say, Martingale, is the huge cash return. Namely, Martingale requires persistence and even when you win, the return is not as high. Plus, returns vary depending on your bet size, which makes the world’s most famous roulette system more dynamic than the 666.

Nonetheless, to successfully use the 666 roulette tactic, you need two things – patience & money.

The disadvantage of the 666, just like any betting strategy, is that it usually pays off to an extent only. Looking at the table above, you can see that you’re gaining more than you’re spending only during a winning streak. As soon as you hit a loss, your bankroll is at risk. So, while you win more than you stake, this is true only WHEN you win. A loss can really hinder your progress unless you have a huge casino balance.

Therefore, this volatility makes the 666 roulette strategy extremely beginner-unfriendly. As a rule of thumb, novices are prone to overspending due to a lack of experience. And to be frank, the Devil’s betting strategy might be detrimental for problem gamblers.

All that said, we do not recommend the 666 roulette system to inexperienced players.

Where to Use the 666 Strategy

Finding the right casino is the first step towards winning roulette as often as possible.

The Roulette69 team is here to help you choose the perfect roulette casino for your needs.

The following list contains the best-performing online casinos with admirable roulette portfolios:

  1. William Hill
  2. Green
  3. LeoVegas
  4. Drake Casino
  5. Casino Max

Let us know what YOUR favorite roulette casino is in the comments below!