Predicting Roulette Numbers Method

First things first, we have told you about the difference between a Roulette strategy and a Roulette trick?

Have a guess – which one is the subject of today’s article?

If you bet on a strategy, you earned yourself some hypothetical money. Predicting Roulette numbers is considered a strategy due to its complexity. It requires long-term devotion, and unlike a trick, foreseeing numbers is a sophisticated method.

As a serious Roulette player you have become by now, you should be more concerned with strategies than mere tricks.

Intricate Equals Effective

Utilising the following Roulette techniques in your virtual or live casino match comes with prerequisites. Before you employ any of today’s approaches, you need to know about the holy trinity of successful gambling. They are:

  • Observation
  • Collecting data
  • Analysis

Then, and only then, comes the application, i.e. making a decision where to place your bet.

The Three Musketeers of Roulette Number Prediction

We have singled out three strategies for predicting numbers in Roulette. To successfully use them in your gaming, you should turn a blind eye on luck for the time being. It is all about skill and perception now.

The three systems are:

  • Dealer Signatures
  • Optical Prediction
  • Prediction on Biased Wheels

System 1: Dealer Signatures

Roulette might be based on the principle of randomness, but people are not so much. This is particularly true for live Roulette, in which the dealer is a person. And people can be predictable at times. If you are an experienced Roulette player, you will know that the dealer’s signature has been a thing since the conception of the Devil’s Game.

These “mistakes” on the croupier’s part can be accidental or intentional. Some dealers are not aware of their to an extent mechanic hand movement, whilst others premeditate potential outcomes. Playing against a certain dealer and observing his or her actions will result in your knowledge of his or her tactic. What’s more, some croupiers aim at certain numbers on purpose, so keep your eyes peeled.

System 2: Visual Prediction

The only source of knowledge is experience.”—Albert Einstein

When Roulette transcended its physical form and migrated to online casinos, some things remained the same. For instance, prognosticating what number will be hit by analysing the movement of the ball is one of them. Veteran gamblers will know plenty about this strategy.

It might be harder to master than most others, but it is still feasible. It takes an observant and analytical mind. Combined with experience, they result in a successful prediction. You need to inspect the ball’s speed and movement to deduce approximately how many bounces it typically makes and in what direction. After a few spins and close inspection, you should be able to roughly predict the ball’s final destination.

System 3: Prediction of Biased Wheels

As long as Roulette is operated by a human being, there is a chance of objective prediction. Humans are flawed and err at times, and thus the products they make can be marred, as well. Professionals and wheel manufacturers will, of course, claim that wheels were inspected to a T, but mistakes still happen.

Biased wheels are those that keep hosting the same number(s), and hence allow perceptive players to notice the evident repetitions. A few factors may affect this outcome:

  • Loose frets
  • Deadening of pocket surface
  • The difference in the size of pockets
  • Low quality or deformed balls

No wheel is 100% perfect. However, a growing number of operations are computerised to avoid anomalies. As always, casinos do all they can to keep the edge on their side, so bear that in mind at all times. Good luck and have fun!