The Big Number Strategy in Roulette

As you’ll often hear us say, there are dozens of Roulette tactics that you can employ. It is our mission to regularly present each of them, allowing you to find your own path.

Creating your Roulette profile is a long, trial and error-based route that requires perseverance, patience and a lot of practice. The sooner you accept these three P’s, the better for you.

System vs. Trick

In order to ultimately smooth finish this concrete, we need to fix all the bumps along the way. To do that, we need to cement the very foundation of this road.

All strategies in Roulette and many other games can be divided into two groups:

  • Systems
  • Tricks

Simply put, a system is a more complex approach to (online) gambling than a trick.

Systems require an intricate method and an understanding of the game itself and things that could go wrong, whilst tricks are a gambling equivalent to a one-night stand.

Tricks are preferred and utilised by both rookies and seasoned Roulette players, whereas to use a system, you need to have a certain degree of knowledge and experience.

Depending on whom you ask, the big number strategy could either belong to tricks or lie somewhere in between. It contains particular elements of both; thus the latter opinion.

Straight-forward and Simple

The causation behind why some critics would argue that betting on big numbers is a trick is in its simplicity. This is a straight bet (also known as a single-number bet), which means that you place your bet directly on your chosen pocket, or pockets. If your number wins, you win. If it loses, you lose, too.

The “big” in the strategy’s title does not refer to the numerical value of the digit. It concerns its role in that particular game of Roulette. Let’s see what that means.

The key to success in adopting this tactic is to follow the progress on the Roulette scoreboard. Checking out the succession, you will notice that some numbers have hit multiple times, be it in a row, or not. This is not a set-up; it is a common occurrence in any game based on randomness. We have discussed the roles of logic and luck in Roulette earlier and found that you need both proficiency and fortune to carry the day.

Importantly, the big number strategy is a positive betting trick, which means it flows in accordance with the scoreboard. The opposite is called a negative progression.

A Shot Across the Bows

We have a few words of caution for any Roulette player. A couple of aspects are crucial to understand before delving deeper. These will be explained in the following lines.

  • How much should I bet?

The repetitiveness in hitting of the big number might lead you to believe that you should bet more money on it. This is a misconception, and please, do not make that mistake.

You are strongly advised to keep the amount you bet on the big number levelled to the bet you would normally put on any other number or numbers. In case there are multiple repeaters, make sure to bet the minimum quantity on each of them.

  • How long should I bet on the big number(s)?

As you are betting against the scoreboard, exactly the board dictates the length of your successive bets. You ought to bet on the big number just as long as it appears on the screen. Once it stops turning up, you should immediately cease chasing it.

Keep your betting reasonable eve if you have the edge at the moment. No matter how experienced you are with Roulette, you must know that it is the house edge that has the upper hand at the end of the day.