Top 3 Live Roulette Games We All Neglect

Top Underappreciated Live Roulette Games Online

Let’s face the facts. The iGaming industry is growing like a weed. Online gaming is unstoppable and it expands in ways we sometimes can’t really digest.

That’s why there are so many online casino games that only a handful of players have played. When there is a sea of live casino titles to try out, most players go for the most popular numbers. There is just so much time you can dedicate to online gambling and your Roulette hobby. It’s just logical that you’ll play those cutting-edge online Roulette variations that everyone is talking about.

But what of those obscure online Roulette games? Why are they the road less taken?

The same “play-the-familiar” formula applies to live dealer Roulette. Experts at Roulette69 have discussed the similarities and differences between Online Roulette and Live Roulette. And while it’s mostly up to you what you’ll be spending your free time on, there are some crucial discrepancies. So make sure to have a look at that article.

We at Roulette69 have also tackled the matter of the hottest Live Roulette games. However, it’s a whole different story to get to grips with those hipster Roulette variants. In the following editorial, you will learn about a trio of some undervalued Roulette variants that you should check out.

Disclaimer: These are the top picks selected by specialists. Those who might or might not agree are welcome to share their views in the comment section below.

Here are top 3 Live Roulette titles we all neglect:

  • Roulette Double Wheel – Authentic Gaming
  • Live French Roulette – Playtech
  • Wolf Gold Roulette – Extreme Live Gaming

Roulette Double Wheel – Authentic Gaming

The first pick on the top underappreciated Live Roulettes comes from Authentic Gaming. The Sliema-based live casino supplier has a catalogue of incredibly popular Live Roulette variants. Some often played Roulette variants by Authentic include Roulette Turbo and Roulette Superieur.

However, many players seem to overlook Authentic’s Roulette Double Wheel.

Double Wheel launched as one of a kind Roulette edition. It is run on the standard American Roulette wheel with 38 pockets. Besides the double zero, Double Wheel Roulette also features 2,000 daily spins on the automated live wheels.

There is a special element of social interaction with this Authentic Gaming Roulette. Namely, the game is available to players gambling in-person, so both virtual and land-based casino players can take part in the spins.

Considering all the above, it is a real surprise that more players don’t flock around Double Wheel Roulette. With the minimum bet of just €0.20, even low rollers can afford to play this Authentic Gaming Roulette variant.

Live French Roulette – Playtech

Compared to European and American Roulette, French Roulette is light years behind. Ironically, the Devil’s Game originates from France, but somehow that hasn’t gotten in the way of other variants becoming more popular.

The popularity – or lack thereof – is noticeable in Live Roulette, as well. A lot of players, unfortunately, miss out on this classic Roulette game.

The main difference between the European and French Roulette variation is the table layout. The wheels are identical, but the layouts of the betting area differ.

To an extent, some players would argue, French Roulette is better than European Roulette. This is largely due to La Partage. The La Partage rule increases the odds of each player at the Roulette table.

Wolf Gold Roulette – Extreme Live Gaming

Typically both seasoned players and novices opt for classic Roulette variants. However, it wouldn’t do us any harm to try out something new now and then. One great instance of an unconventional Roulette variant concerns Wolf Gold Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming.

Combined with the well-known 5×3 Pragmatic Play online slot, Wolf Gold Roulette offers side bets. This Extreme Live Gaming Roulette variant is playable across all platforms, including mobile and tablet.

All games are broadcast live from the professional casino studio in London, UK. The high-quality video goes hand-in-hand with the live chat box. With those two combined, you can freely talk to your croupier in real time. The overall crisp look is what characterises Wolf Gold Roulette.

If you settle Roulette and Reel bets independently, you will get double payout odds. At the bottom of the screen, you will see various options like repeating the bet, removing the chips and saving your betting pattern.