Live Roulette Vs Online Roulette: Compare and Contrast

Oh, the beautiful game of Roulette. For many, Roulette is the definition of casino entertainment. No matter the shape and kind, the feeling of enjoyment returns every time you see the wheel spinning – always.

Nowadays, numerous players have traded the opulence of grand land-based casinos for the comfort of their homes. Thanks to modern technology, they can get full experience typically reserved for casino venues without ever leaving the house.

On the other hand, the question of the authenticity of experience was left hanging in the air. There were no doubts that online gaming was a spectacular idea, but providers started brainstorming how to bring that to the next level. And that is how, ladies and gentlemen, we got to Live dealer Roulette.

The two versions represent two completely different types of experience. But, at the same time, they are still often compared. That brings us to our hot topic. All heated arguments eventually boil down to one question: which one is better? With this article, we hope to shed equal light on both Roulette versions in hopes of clarifying the pros and cons of both sides.

There Is No Place Like Home

Online Roulette is one of the most popular games in online casinos worldwide. Given that it is madly popular in real-world venues, it was only logical that the popularity would be simply transferred to the virtual ones. One of the best sides of online Roulette is accessibility.

Before establishing digital casinos, players had to visit real land-based venues to play.  That often included travelling to the venue, costly commutes, planning, group visits, etcetera. On the other hand, with digital casinos, your only “hassle” is registration – which lasts only a couple of minutes.

Furthermore, as the popularity of online games grew, more providers decided to take up the mantle and create their versions. That is why you now have a plethora of Roulette variants populating the Table Games lobby, each completely unique and engaging.

One particular part of digital casino experience might seem trivial to many, but we think that makes the biggest difference in choosing the right platform. With online Roulette, there is no waiting. You can just enter the game and start playing immediately – all variants included.

The Best of Both Worlds

Live dealer games have roughly the same characteristics as the regular online games. For example, the luxury of not leaving one’s home remains a top privilege for live game enthusiasts.

They do have variety – and it will only get better – as developers work hard in creating live titles. One thing that differentiates live dealer games from typical online games is reality. Or better yet, the authenticity of the experience. We’ve already mentioned that suppliers only got to this idea after they thought about the truthfulness of digital casinos.

Sure, they serve the purpose – you can play your casino games – but one thing was always missing. And that thing is genuineness. With live dealer titles, players can relax and take a seat at tables governed by real dealers. You can interact with croupiers, which can only boost the experience. Plus, the game is played in real-time! Let’s see: you can play this classic game in real-time while interacting with real croupiers without leaving your home. What’s not to love?


As you can see, both types of Roulette have their winning arguments. One thing that might solve our dilemma is the player’s priority. In other words, the player decides which one suits him best. With both versions, you need not leave the premises. Everything is right in front of your desktop (or mobile device). Furthermore, waiting times are almost non-existent. You can start playing whenever you feel like spinning a wheel or two. However, this is where the differences between the two come into play. If you are a beginner and your focus is on the gameplay, online Roulette might be a good option for you.

The online Roulette variants are where you can test your strategies and practice moves.

Most online variants even offer free play – a fact that you will certainly appreciate. On the other hand, if you consider yourself to be a seasoned player, go with Live Roulette. With considerable experience, you might say that playing with live dealers is an acquired taste.

For novices, the interaction with croupiers might represent distractions, whereas, for you, that is a priority.