The Wildest Roulette Wins in History Explored〚Video〛

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world.

There are many reasons behind this popularity. One of them is the mysterious veil under which Roulette hides. No one has ever seen the real face of Roulette, online or real-life.

The core of Roulette is hard to get to. There have been many who have tried to tackle the Devil’s Game. The truth is, quite a few have succeeded.

Many people have tried different Roulette strategies, and certain people managed to trick the infamous Roulette wheel.

Expect to learn about low stakes and high payouts, mad luck and pure logic. We at Roulette69 have browsed the recorded history for the most interesting world Roulette records.

Today we are uncovering a bunch of crazy, wild and biggest Roulette world record holders!

#5 Mike Ashley on the Ball!

Let’s kick off big. There has been quite a collection of enviable Roulette wins, but we have our winner. The epic Roulette win title we have chosen belongs to none other hand Mike Ashley.

For football fans among you, this name will mean a lot. For others, who are not keen on sports, bear with us.

Mike Ashley is not just any person. Ashley is a British billionaire retail entrepreneur and owner of Newcastle United Football Club.

In 2008, the British billionaire won a total of £1,300,000. A small part was deducted from the sum, and Ashley was left with “only” £820,000. It might be just a drop in the ocean for the billionaire, but it’s still an attractive sum.

#4 Most Worn out Croupier

Moving quickly onto some extreme records, we have our man Intan Pragi in position number 4. The professional Estonian croupier has made a name for himself as basically the most tired dealer in history. Let’s clarify that.

In February 2005, within 48 hours, Intan Pragi spun the local Roulette wheel more than 1,650 times! Officials and musicians were there to monitor and entertain him. He won the Guinness world record for the longest marathon croupier.

At the time, Pragi was working at the Olympic Casino, Tallin, Estonia. The Olympic Casino is where the record was broken. Now he can proudly say he’s the most hardworking dealer the world has ever seen.

#3 World’s Most Lavish Roulette Table

In case you were wondering where the biggest Roulette table is, we’ll tell you.

In 2019, the largest Roulette table is located in Casino Du Liban in Jounieh, Lebanon. The gorgeous, opulent and richly furnished brick-and-mortar casino is situated in a beautiful coastal city.

The biggest Roulette table in the world was built and displayed for the first time in 2017. It is also the world’s biggest interactive ceiling Roulette. The mechanics behind it are intricate and layered, and allow players to enjoy a unique Roulette experience.

Fun fact: Lebanon is known for many other world records. The most prominent are the biggest public food display and the biggest pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.

#2 World Roulette Record Same Number

Legend has it that the number that has hit most often in the history of Roulette is 17.

However, the two-digit cypher was not the one to break the world record.

In June 2012, Daily Mail reported that number 19 was officially the hottest Roulette number of all time. The legendary Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino Las Vegas was the one to host the record.

The sequence was interrupted by 15 once, and continued to hit 19 seven times in a row! Naturally, most eyewitnesses thought the table was rigged, which was never proven right.

We have calculated the theoretical maximum win. If you had placed a $1 bet and the progression went the way it did, you could have won as much as $2 billion!

So, this piece of news might be good to know for those of you looking for the best Roulette system.

#1 World Roulette Record Same Colour

Red is the lucky colour of millions of people worldwide. There is something about the alluring shade that just feels good and lucky. That is why many Roulette players like to bet on red.

Speaking of the biggest Roulette wins, our champion goes way back to the mid-20th century.

In 1943, when many bad things were happening in the world, one good thing happened in America. A fortuitous Roulette player placed a bet on red, which hit 32 times in a row! That is thirty-two consecutive landings with no black in sight.

However, black did hit on the 33rd spin, which did indeed take a while, but it still happened. That is why you should always be aware of the gambler’s fallacy (Monte Carlo fallacy).

So, there you have it. Those were our picks for the world Roulette record wins.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next one to break the record!