Bond, Roulette Bond – 007 Way to Beat the House

James Bond Roulette Strategy

Players always look for ways to bet as little as possible and to reach close to the max payout. One such system is the so-called $150 roulette strategy, which we described here. On the other hand, the James Bond strategy, for roulette, as its name implies,  might work better for high-rollers.

James Bond roulette strategy is a 3-bet high-risk betting system with potential 1:1 returns. Suitable for advanced and seasoned gamblers, the James Bond roulette number is best applied to European roulette.

What Is the James Bond Roulette Strategy?

One of the most notorious and admired action men the world has ever seen is the Agent Double O Seven. And one of his favorite hobbies was the casino. Specifically, the planet’s best secret agent’s favorite game was baccarat. Just remember the legendary scene from the 1962 Dr. No with Sean Connery. And then, the GoldenEye rendition, where Famke Janssen’s character acknowledges the importance of the casino card game in the franchise.

However, the influence of the world’s best soy has expanded to other casino games, one of them being roulette. Bond’s strategic approach to gambling and wise decision-making has resulted in the development of the James Bond betting system. This staking scheme relies on three bets across different parts of the table.

If you use the James Bond roulette strategy, you’re covering 25 numbers out of 37. However, this only applies to the European variant of the game with a 2.70% house edge. If you want to try the James Bond roulette strategy in American renditions, bear in mind that the house advantage will increase.

This is a risky, yet profitable technique for gambling. However, as it’s more advanced, we recommend it to e4xperienced punters. Read on to see how to use the James Bond system on roulette.

And if you’re a beginner, get started here.

Guide: How to Apply the James Bond Betting System

In a nutshell, the James Bond roulette strategy works like this.

The staking plan divides your bet into three parts totaling $100:

  1. Bet $70 on the High / Passe, covering numbers from 19-36.
  2. Stake $25 on a Six Line below 18.
  3. Place $5 on the single-zero.

Originally, James Bond is said to have used a $200 total bet. However, players are welcome to scale their stake up or down to their preference. Proportionately increasing or decreasing the default stake is rather helpful in managing one’s bankroll.

Another way to apply the James Bond betting system follows:

  1. 1st Bet: Place $140 on the High numbers.
  2. 2nd Bet: Stake $50 on the six numbers between 13 and 18.
  3. 3rd Bet: Bet $10 on the green zero pocket.

That said, gamblers can play around with the percentage and accordingly size up or down as they find fit. Let us know your default stake in the comments below!

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Conclusion – Does Bond Play Roulette?

It’s a well-known fact that Agent 007’s favorite casino game is baccarat. However, in many instances, viewers could see Bond play poker and roulette, as well. To exemplify, let’s just look at the intense poker game in Casino Royale (2006). Therefore, James Bond made his way to roulette tables, too. Thanks to the profitable James Bond roulette strategy, millions of roulette players have been making a profit with the Devil’s Game.

If you’re a James Bond fan, you might want to consider purchasing the Cammegh collector’s James Bond roulette wheel. Albeit pricey, notably £13,250, the thematic James Bond roulette setup can be acquired through the official website. But remember, playing at the James Bond table doesn’t increase the odds of winning this game of chance!