How to Play Quantum Roulette by Playtech

Playtech Live Quantum Roulette Review and Strategy Guide

It has been over three months now since Playtech launched its sizzling hot Quantum Roulette.

The first week of September 2019 marked the beginning of something truly new in the world of the live casino. With Live Quantum Roulette from Playtech, a whole new world of live gaming was revealed.

This new Live Roulette variant opened the door for so much more experimenting and creativity in the industry. Playtech used Quantum Roulette to kick off its Quantum Series Live, which was boosted with Quantum Blackjack. As of December 2019, Spanish players can also enjoy Quantum Ruleta. We expect to see more Quantum titles shortly. The Quantum family shall expand. has already announced the release of Quantum Roulette. However, we only scratched the surface of this intricate live casino game. In the article that follows, you will learn Quantum Roulette rules and how to play Quantum Roulette by Playtech.

What Is Quantum Roulette?

Now, before moving onto Quantum Roulette tips, let’s start explaining the term. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, quantum is defined as follows:

quantum, noun


the smallest amount or unit of something, especially energy

With that in mind, let’s discuss the mechanics of Quantum Roulette Playtech.

As we have said in the previous blog post, Quantum Roulette boasts one zero. The single zero makes Quantum Roulette Playtech akin to European Roulette. As a result, that makes the house edge 2.70%.

To avoid bias and exploits, Playtech uses its slingshot Roulette wheel. Therefore, there is no interaction between the dealer and the Roulette wheel. The croupier basically serves as the game host. He or she will announce the outcome and make sure the players are entertained.

How Does Quantum Roulette Work?

So, let’s see how Quantum Roulette Playtech works. The game starts when the croupier introduces him or herself and invites you to place your bets. In Quantum Roulette, you can bet on any number or combination of numbers.

However, there is a twist in this Live Roulette variant. Namely, there can be up to five randomly selected numbers with a multiplier. The RNG (Random Number Generator) dictates what numbers will be selected. The RNG also decides how many numbers will be stuck to the board behind the dealer.

What differs Quantum Roulette from any other Roulette variant are the multipliers. The multipliers range from 50x up to a stunning 500x. Before the wheel is spun, the RNG will display the multipliers and their selections on the starry night board that dominates the stage.

It is worth noting that there is another special feature in Quantum Roulette. Playtech named it the Quantum Boost. Quantum Boost can randomly add another 50x multiplier to a number as the wheel spins. However, it is only up to 500x.

Another extra feature in Quantum Roulette Playtech is the Quantum Leap. It will double or triple a multiplier at random, but only up to 500x.

So those were Quantum Roulette rules. If you’ve played Evolution’s Lightning Roulette, you’ll know how to play Quantum Roulette.

This is information that you can use in your Quantum Roulette strategy.

Best Quantum Roulette Strategy and Tips

The best Quantum Roulette strategy is the one that works best for you. You can sculpt your Quantum Roulette tactic based on your goals.

If you for some reason aim for smaller wins that come more frequently, you will employ one Quantum Roulette tactic. However, if you are after the ultimate win, the premium jackpot, you ought to consider a different Quantum Roulette approach.

Quantum Roulette Strategy

That 500x probably sounds attractive. Nevertheless, please don’t get ahead of yourself because it does not come often. The fundamental thing to remember is to play according to your bankroll. The depth of your pocket should command your Quantum Roulette strategy.

Quantum Roulette payouts can be significant if you play smart.

Quantum Roulette Tips

There are a few good Roulette strategies that might work for you. Here are several Quantum Roulette tips and tricks and their pros and cons.

  • Bet on All Numbers – The obvious advantage of this method is that you are guaranteed to get a number win. Nevertheless, some would argue that the cons outweigh the pros by miles. Your bankroll needs to be above average to afford this kind of bet. Besides, if no multipliers come in, you will likely lose your balance.
  • Bet on a Section of the Wheel – If we tone down the previous approach a little, we get the bet on a section of the wheel method. As multipliers are paid on straight bets only, you will be making a small bet. Additionally, you will have an advantage as you can exploit sectors of the wheel. On the other hand, you are more likely to miss the multipliers when they hit.
  • Scattergun Approach – Finally, the best and proven Roulette strategy of the all – get random. Simply bet on the number you feel comfortable with. It will give you a nice mood boost even before the game begins. However, this strategy – if we can even call it that – is unreliable as it lacks structure.

Where to Play Quantum Roulette Playtech

It is always crucial to play Quantum Roulette at trustworthy online casinos only. The Roulette69 team has singled out the best online casino to play Quantum Roulette at. If you ask us, it is hands-down William Hill Casino, a 10-out-of-10 online gaming brand with a long history.

This successful online gaming establishment has been around since 1998. Among others, William Hill is a partner with Playtech, which makes it the perfect place to play Playtech titles. Henceforth, visit William Hill Casino today to play Quantum Roulette.

Is Quantum Roulette Fair?

Now the big question comes:

Is Quantum Roulette fair?

We will explain why Quantum Roulette is fair.

  1. As indicated above, Playtech utilizes advanced RNG systems to determine the outcome in Quantum Roulette.
  2. Secondly, Playtech operates its automatic Slingshot Wheel. There can be no weaknesses to exploit. The outcome in Quantum Roulette is unpredictable.
  3. The dealer plays no part in the spinning either. Thus there can be no scams as the dealer has nothing to do with the wheel.

Consequently, Quantum Roulette is a fair game.

Quantum Roulette: Final Verdict

We hope that this Quantum Roulette review has helped you decide your best Quantum Roulette strategy. Now you know how and where to play Quantum Roulette from Playtech. On the atomic level – mind the pun – Quantum Roulette is a fascinating Live Roulette variant with great potential.