Guetting Progression, a Sure-Fire Roulette Betting System?

Guetting Progression Roulette Betting Strategy

Although Charles Guetting was not a proficient roulette player (he preferred Trente-et-Quarante),he did invent a popular roulette betting system called the Guetting Progression. The Guetting Progression is a positive progression betting system used on even bets in roulette.

It’s generally praised as a highly reliable strategy, as it’s made to protect the players’ assets and minimize losses until they reach winning streaks. The system is different from other strategies as it does not focus on rapid recuperation, but rather on a steady influx of chips over a winning streak. Let’s see what’s Guetting Progression good for.

Getting the Hang of Guetting Progression

The first thing we’ll do here is discussing the nature of Guetting Progression. The roulette betting system was not a system designed for roulette from the start. The player who invented the system was not a roulette player at all – he was an avid fan of Trente-et-Quarante or Rouge et Noir, the French card game still popular at European casinos in Monaco, Italy, and France.

Namely, Charles Guetting, the brain whose brainchild is this roulette betting strategy, was a mathematician, as well as a gambler. He loved numbers and so he always searched for a way to increase profits while lowering the risk (like all players, but he found a way to achieve that).

But if Charles Guetting did not play roulette but rather Rouge et Noir, how did the system become associated with roulette?

Well, it’s quite profitable, and it applies nicely to the even money bets in roulette. The unique nature of the system entails four stages in which players increase wagers on winning streaks and decrease them if they start losing. Let’s see how to use the Guetting Progression roulette system.

What is Guetting Progression?

The Guetting Progression works best with even money bets such as Red/Black and Even/Odd. We also recommend trying it at a European table that includes the En Prison and La Partage rules. It is a bit more complicated than other roulette strategies because of its four stages, or gears.

Level Unit
1 2
2 3 – 4 – 6
3 8 – 12 – 16  
4 20 – 30 – 40

The whole point is to level up by winning. If you win two times in a row, you go up a level. If you lose once, you repeat the bet, and if you lose twice, you revert to the first number on the level.

Following the example above, a perfect winning streak would result in a wager increase like this:


We know that sounds like mumbo-jumbo, but don’t worry – we’ll explain through an example too.

How to Use Guetting Progression?

The whole point of the system lies in the specific pattern chosen by Guetting. He used specific units and levels between rounds to navigate the game and ensure winning results, even when he was losing.

The first level plays with 2 units, which means you should select the value of 1 unit and start by wagering 2 units right away. For the sake of this article, we’ll state that 1 unit = $1. Hence, in the first round, we are wagering $2. If we win, we wager the same stake again. But if we win the second time (in a row), we increase the wager to $3, which is 3 units (Level 2). To move to the next level, you need two consecutive wins. One loss won’t affect your game, but two losses mean you go back to the first wager of the level below. A third loss in a row moves you another level below.

Here’s a table for playing roulette with Guetting Progression.

Level Stake Outcome Next Stake
1 $2 Win $2
1 $2 Win $3
2 $3 Win $3
2 $3 Loss $3
2 $3 Loss $2
1 $2 Win $2
1 $2 Win $3
2 $3 Win $3
2 $3 Win $4
2 $4 Win $4
2 $4 Win $6

We tried showing you how it looks if you land in a pickle and return to the previous level, and how exactly (and slowly) does the progression go with winning spins. However, bear in mind that the progression does not necessarily look like this as it’s extremely hard to enter such a winning streak in roulette that easily. Play roulette responsibly!

Is Guetting Progression a Good Roulette Betting Strategy?

In theory, yes, it’s a solid roulette betting strategy aimed at increasing your funds slowly and easily. However, you do need a massive winning streak to advance, and that’s not easily achievable. Nevertheless, the progression is not drastic in any way, which makes it a safer roulette betting strategy than most risqué strategies gunning for huge wins and often resulting in catastrophic losses. Finally,  recommend trying it out by playing roulette for free at top roulette casinos online.