Forget Good, Try the Superior Roulette Betting System

Superior Roulette betting system guide

A major part of roulette’s timeless appeal is the unpredictability of the rounds. It’s a game that’s nearly impossible to tame, but not for the lack of trying!

We are keeping our tradition of presenting the common, as well as uncommon, roulette betting strategies to all players interested in experimenting with roulette betting systems. Today’s article is all about the Superior Roulette Betting System, a system similar to Oscar’s Grind which is all about slow wager increases until you turn a single unit profit.

It’s quite simple to learn, so we hope you are ready to start wagering with the Superior Roulette Betting System.

The Superior Roulette System 101

In essence, the point of the Superior Roulette system lies in the gradual increase of the wager with each bet (win or lose) until you win one single unit. Let’s say you have chosen $1 to be your unit. Your task is to play roulette online and slowly increase the wager as rounds progress to hopefully get a profit big enough to recuperate your losses – but the win is not supposed to be colossal. If anything, you should be able to win precisely $1 in total, after you take away all the wins and losses from the previous rounds.

The Superior Roulette system is not made for high rollers as they hardly find a single unit win as incentive enough for playing. That’s why we recommend the Superior Roulette betting strategy only to players who are there for the game, rather than for the profits. If you are looking to turn profits by playing roulette online for real money, we suggest using other roulette betting strategies that are more appropriate for high rollers, such as:

If you are not here merely to turn a profit, but rather to enjoy the thrill of roulette, the Superior system might be a great way to explore roulette without putting your money at great risk.

Let’s see what the main traits of the Superior Roulette Betting System are and then see how to use Superior Roulette betting in a real-life example.

Superior Roulette Betting Highlights

  • Similar to Oscar’s Grind but more aggressive
  • Positive and negative progression betting
  • Bets increase by 1 unit each round
  • The goal is to win a single unit before resetting
  • Not for high rollers
  • Easy to learn

Superior System in Practice

We can say that the Superior Roulette System is an easy roulette betting system, but you still have to practice before you try it. With that in mind, we’ve prepared an example of the round to show you how to use the Superior Roulette System in online and live roulette.

The main point to remember is that the system rests on the gradual increase of the wagering, always by 1 unit, rather than doubling it or tripling it when you win/lose. Also, it’s easier to remember because the point is always to increase until you reach a win that’s 1 unit higher than the tally of lost funds. Therefore, you are relieved of the pressure to remember what to do with the bet as it is almost always an increase by 1 unit.

Superior Roulette Example

The easiest way to explain (and learn) the Superior Roulette System is by taking $1 as one unit.

So, if $1 is 1 unit for us, we will start the round by placing the first bet of $1.

  1. Wager $1 on an even-money bet such as Black.
  2. The bet is lost. We will now increase the bet by 1 unit, so we will wager $2. The tally is -$1.
  3. We lost the second wager, so the next bet will be $3, bringing the tally to -$6 (-1-2-3). Also, we are still wagering on Black.
  4. We wagered $3 on Black and lost, so we now bet $4. The tally climbs to -$10 (-6-4=-10).
  5. We won the bet of $4, and the amount that we won is $8. That means that the tally is -$2, which means we do not need to wager $5, as a bet of $3 is enough to reach the desired outcome (we have a loss of $2, which goes to $5 when we add the invested $3).
  6. We wager $3 on Black, having reached a tally of -$5. We win the round, so we reach a profit of $1 (which is exactly one unit that we started with). This is where we end the round, and we can restart it with either the same unit or another one to our liking.

Does this sound too complicated? We certainly hope not! You can always return to this guide before heading off to a casino and grabbing a seat at a roulette table. If you have any questions, reach out to our team.


What do you think of the Superior Roulette System? Do you find it to be an easy system, or do you prefer other betting systems? We are still going to give this system a chance, but we acknowledge that the choice of a betting system is more the question of the player’s tastes. Hence, don’t knock it ‘till you try it, but if you already have a failsafe system, you are not likely to give it up that easily.