Multi Wheel Roulette – Is It Worth It?

Multi Wheel Roulette

What is Multi Wheel roulette?

Multi Wheel roulette is a modern roulette variant allowing players to bet on multiple wheels simultaneously.

Depending on the rendition, it might have a standard 97.30% RTP or lower if multipliers apply. The rules of 2 wheel roulette accept all the standard bets, such as straight-up, split, corner, even-money bets, and so on.

Read our overview of Multiwheel roulette to see if this game is for you.

House Edge & Odds

So, how does Multi Wheel roulette work?

By default, casinos typically activate only one wheel at the start of the round. At that point, the player should determine their default bet. When ready, they can activate additional wheels. When that occurs, your bet will be multiplied by the number of wheels you activated.

For example, let’s say you bet on red on 2 wheels for $1 per round. If you’ve got 2 wheels active, your total bet will be $2. And if you win, the return will be 1:1, so, you’ll get your money back. In this instance, the Multi Wheel Roulette RTP is identical to any other classic game of its kind.

In some cases, however, players will encounter a lower RTP, which we will discuss further down.

What you need to know about this advanced variant of the classic casino game is that you need not learn any new rules to play it. Simply stick to your favourite betting system, manage your bankroll wisely, and have fun.

In short, Multi Wheel Roulette simply speeds up the period it would normally take to generate the same winnings. By simultaneously betting on multiple wheels, players spend less time at the table and more time spending the real money.

Additionally, some casinos accept different bets on different wheels but this varies from operator to operator. Stay on the safe side and check with customer support whether you can place different bets on Multi wheel Roulette at that specific casino.

Best Multi Wheel Roulette Games

Multi Wheel Roulette is still not as popular as the single European roulette wheel game. However, the humble selection of 2 wheel roulette titles and more allowed us top three Multi Wheel Roulette numbers:

1.    Instant Roulette – Evolution

Instant by Evolution Gaming is not your typical Multi Wheel roulette. While the title indeed consists of 12 European roulette wheels, players can bet on only one. The remaining wheels are there to simply speed up the betting process. Instead of waiting for the round to finish, you can join the game anytime.

What’s more, Instant is a live dealer casino game, making it engaging and immersive. Evolution casinos enjoyed huge player retention after the launch of Instant Roulette. The best part about it is that it’s extremely easy to play and doesn’t require learning any new rules. Instead, if you know how to play roulette, Instant by Evolution is the game for you.

2.    Roulette MAX – NetEnt

Roulette Max is unlike any other multi wheel casino game. Not only does it consist of four European roulette wheels, but it also features multipliers. Hence the name.

In late 2020, soon before the Evolution acquisition, NetEntertainment launched Roulette MAX. The 4-wheel roulette game offers multipliers higher than those in Lightning by Evolution. Namely, players can win up to 5,000 times their stake through Roulette MAX by NetEnt.

Additionally, the betting range is quite extensive, with $5,000 as the max bet. However, the multipliers increase the house edge and decrease the RTP to 97.05%. Nevertheless, the Roulette MAX payback percentage is still higher than many similar games. To play Roulette MAX for real money, visit our top NetEnt casinos in the table below.

3.    Multi Wheel Roulette – Playtech

Arguably the most popular multi wheel roulette comes from Playtech. The omni-channel casino software developer released this game many years ago, marking itself as the multiwheel roulette trailblazer. Soon after, Microgaming followed with its proprietary Multi Wheel Roulette Gold.

As a prototype, Multi Wheel by Playtech lacks ambitious special features and multipliers. Also, this is an RNG game without a live dealer. However, without it, we probably wouldn’t be here writing this article for you. In short, if you’re interested in the origin of Multi Wheel Roulette, check out the best Playtech casinos.

Top Roulette Casinos

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